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Congregational History

April 5, 1961, Rev. Frank A. Miller arrived in Streetsboro to begin a new Lutheran congregation. August 6, 1961 the first service for the young congregation was held in a rented house at 1412 Russell Drive. The initial congregation had 104 children and 79 adults.

Here are some pictures of the first church council, Organization Sunday, and the organization reception held at the old Methodist church in Streetsboro.

Very soon thereafter property for the new congregation was purchased and worship moved to the farmhouse located at 9042 SR 43. 103 persons attended the initial service in the “House Chapel.” The interior walls were knocked out and the “house chapel” became the “farmhouse chapel.” On April 20, 1962 a call was extended to Pastor William McCabe. The congregation had 113 children and 116 adults.


It wasn’t long, however that the new and growing congregation was out of space in the old farmhouse. So plans were made up and a building campaign was under way.


June 4, 1967 saw the dedication of new worship facility for the St. Thomas’ congregation.


Mr. Albert Edelman was the first church organist.

Pastors of the congregation have included:
Rev. Frank Miller



Rev. William McCabe
No Picture Available  
Rev. Fred Michelson
Rev. Phillip Tammaru
Rev. David Bliss

Rev. Duane Miller
Rev. Senia Taipali
Rev. Taipali & 3 previous Pastors
Rev. Gerald Bauer


Rev. Denise Sager

Pastor Sager came to St. Thomas on the heels of a dramatic congregational split and began a ministry of healing within the congregation while she worked on her Ph.D. from Kent State University in Psychology and Counseling.

Rev. Robbie F. Taylor
August 2000 to April 2012

Pastor Taylor served the St. Thomas congregation first as a mission re-developer and then as pastor until April of 2012.

 Vicar Jerry Storrs

St. Thomas Lutheran welcomed Mr. Jerry Storrs and his family for his vicarage year 2006-2007.


St. Thomas congregation joined the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod on June 18, 2008.


Above: LC-MS English District Bishop/District President David Stechholz presents Pr. Rob, Carl Lipscik, president, and other members of the St. Thomas council: (Steven Hlava, Kathy Pocket, Marcy Harrison, Deb Wolff, and Jan Bahle), the new charter for the congregation joining the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.




St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church
PO Box 2247 • Streetsboro, OH  44241
Telephone: (330) 626-4945

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